Today’s guest is social entrepreneur Doug Bunch, a full-time attorney from DC and the co-founder of Global Playground. It’s a nonprofit organization providing educational opportunities around the world. They’ve built schools, computer labs, and libraries in eight different countries (Uganda, Cambodia, Thailand, Honduras, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Kenya). In 2010, they partnered with us here at the Villa Soleada Bilingual School in Honduras to fund the technology lab in the school. Thanks to Doug Bunch and his team, our kids now have access to a computer lab full of laptops.

You can now work for Global Playground as a GP Fellow in one of their project sites. Expenses are paid for in these fellowships! They are also accepting applications for a position where you’ll get to travel to ALL of their project sites around the world in a span of two years.

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Show Notes for Doug Bunch

  • In 2006 Doug founded Global Playground with his friend, Edward Branagan
  • Global Playground’s first project was in Uganda
  • Doug recruited Board Members who had specific skills, like graphic designers
  • The initial Board Members were personal friends
  • At one point, Board Members strongly disagreed on the pace of growth of Global Playground
  • Ultimately, Doug Bunch decided to aim for a moderate, controlled growth rate to prevent burnout
  • Doug had a “moment” while visiting a project site in Thailand. He found himself on the phone dealing with a court case back at home, stressed out. He looked around in the village, the sunrise, the people growing tea, and thought about the meaning of his life.
  • Creating balance in life is important for Doug Bunch. He is intentional about it.
  • Doug is now a Board Member for the College of William & Mary
  • Many volunteers, supporters, and volunteers for Global Playground were from the College of William & Mary network
  • Global Playground organizes an annual gala in DC called An Evening Under the Stars where they raise around $25,000
  • They get many in-kind donations for the event, such as drinks, food, and staff to minimize costs and maximize profit
  • They maximize the “fun” parts of the event and have cut back on the boring parts, not bombarding them with information about the organization. They keep the speech part to 10-15 minutes total.
  • Such events should be a celebration, time to thank donors
  • Doug Bunch learned that you don’t have to be overly formal or litigious with small nonprofit organizations
  • An SHH Board Member found out about Global Playground while interning at the mail office for Doug’s law firm
  • Global Playground was worried that Students Helping Honduras was too unfocused during its early years
  • Through Global Playground, Doug Bunch has the plan to connect people who come from different backgrounds to erode ill-informed stereotypes