Shin Fujiyama’s guest appearance on Failures From The Field Podcast

Today's episode is the opposite of what I usually do. I’m actually crossposting a podcast episode where your very own Shin Fujiyama is the guest answering questions. So the tables have turned. In this episode, I’m on the show, Failures From the Field with Jordan Levy of the Ubuntu Education Fund, and I talk about my biggest failures while working in Honduras. Definitely subscribe to their show on iTunes if you get the chance. It was surreal to be on the show with the Ubuntu guys, as they’ve been a source of inspiration for me for many years. Their founder, Jacob [...]

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Sophia Sunwoo, CEO and Co-Founder of The Water Collective Social entrepreneur Sophia Sunwoo believed in her mission so much that she worked without a salary for the first 2.5 years of starting The Water Collective. To make ends meet, she worked at a bakery during the day and built up the NGO at nighttime. Entrepreneurial at heart, Sophia built a clothing company (celebrities like Miley Cyrus wore her clothesline) and sold it while still in college. She remained in the corporate world for several months after college. But for Sophia Sunwoo, creating social impact was her calling. She quit her job and [...]

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School uniforms picked!

The uniform colors for the bilingual school have been picked!! Special thanks to Nic Martino, Evelis Rivera and the MVHS students who donated to cover the cost of some of these uniforms for the kids. Can't wait for the first group of teachers to arrive later this summer..

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How To Do A Visa Renewal Trip to Guatemala: A Step-by-Step Guide

  I always try to get to San Pedro Sula by 6 or 7am so that I can get to my final destination before nightfall. From anywhere in San Pedro Sula, take a taxi to get to the bus station with the buses that go to Puerto Cortes. After an hour or two, you'll be arriving in the port city of Puerto Cortes -- this bus ride should cost you around $2. From here, ask for the bus station in town with the buses that go to the "frontera". It's a few blocks away from the center of the city [...]

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First Game, First Victory!

Our U-10 Villa Soleada F.C. Boys Team (Villa kids and children's home kids united) played a game against another team at the cage soccer field today. We won and more importantly, we didn't have any fist fights or brawls -- a miracle!! Abelito must have scored 5 goals at least.  All the training with Coach Wilson and Coach Tono are paying off maybe...? If you would like to support our soccer program, we accept all kinds of used soccer equipment (jerseys, cleats, pinnies, cones, balls, Etc)!

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Soccer Practice Day 1 – Villa Soleada F.C.

Today was our first day at soccer practice for the U-10 boys from Villa Soleada. We have about 15 boys from the village and 6 boys from the children's home playing together. Wilson and Tono are going to be coaching them four times per week. The two are brothers and are respected fathers in the community. They both also work for our organization as professional masons. Tono has actually been moved up to become one of our site managers. The first day at soccer practice was more like the first day at MMA practice... Every time I broke up a [...]

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