Shin Fujiyama’s guest appearance on Failures From The Field Podcast

Today's episode is the opposite of what I usually do. I’m actually crossposting a podcast episode where your very own Shin Fujiyama is the guest answering questions. So the tables have turned. In this episode, I’m on the show, Failures From the Field with Jordan Levy of the Ubuntu Education Fund, and I talk about my biggest failures while working in Honduras. Definitely subscribe to their show on iTunes if you get the chance. It was surreal to be on the show with the Ubuntu guys, as they’ve been a source of inspiration for me for many years. Their founder, Jacob Lief, was actually guest number 11 on my show. He cursed more than anyone else I’ve had on the show, so you know the episode was a good one. Lastly, check out the book about their work in South Africa, I Am, Because You Are. Listen to it on iTunes or Stitcher, and hit the [...]

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Sophia Sunwoo, CEO and Co-Founder of The Water Collective Social entrepreneur Sophia Sunwoo believed in her mission so much that she worked without a salary for the first 2.5 years of starting The Water Collective. To make ends meet, she worked at a bakery during the day and built up the NGO at nighttime. Entrepreneurial at heart, Sophia built a clothing company (celebrities like Miley Cyrus wore her clothesline) and sold it while still in college. She remained in the corporate world for several months after college. But for Sophia Sunwoo, creating social impact was her calling. She quit her job and began working at a bakery in New York. With co-founder Josh Braunstein, Sophia created The Water Collective to fix and prevent broken water projects in Africa and India. In this episode, Sophia talks about the challenges of working in the developing world as a female leader and dealing with petty community politics. You'll also [...]

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 Conor Grennan, Founder of Next Generation Nepal   Conor Grennan left his day job in 2004 at age 29 to travel the world. At the beginning of his journey, he spent three months volunteering at a children’s home in war-torn Nepal. It was there that he discovered a harrowing truth about these children. Shortly after, he founded Next Generation Nepal, an NGO that's addressing the exact challenge he uncovered.   He’s the New York Times Best Selling Author of The Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal, the memoir that chronicles his amazing journey.   Listen to it here, and hit the subscribe button to download future episodes automatically. Listen to it on iTunes. Stream by clicking here. Download as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “save as.” Show Notes for Conor Grennan Conor Grenna's reaction at the moment of the the 2015 earthquake in Nepal Orphanage [...]

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1st Day of MMA Training

“I’ll f****** kill you, you son of a bitch. I will throw stones at you until you bleed to death.” That just came out of one of our 7-year-old’s mouth when he got upset at another kid who stole his animal crackers in the children’s home. He grabbed some heavy stones and started throwing them towards the other child. One of the stones smashed into our Honda Pilot’s window, and another one into the window of a parked taxi. Two smashed windows within 15 seconds. Luckily, nobody was hurt this time. Events like this are the daily occurrence at our children’s home. Most of these kids lived on the streets or in the overcrowded state orphanage where they were forced to fend for themselves. Their aggression and anger is like a virus. For years, it had a chance to build up in every corner of their tiny bodies. We’ve noticed that physical [...]

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