Shin Fujiyama and Conor Grennan

 Conor Grennan, Founder of Next Generation Nepal


Conor Grennan left his day job in 2004 at age 29 to travel the world. At the beginning of his journey, he spent three months volunteering at a children’s home in war-torn Nepal. It was there that he discovered a harrowing truth about these children. Shortly after, he founded Next Generation Nepal, an NGO that’s addressing the exact challenge he uncovered.


He’s the New York Times Best Selling Author of The Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal, the memoir that chronicles his amazing journey.

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Show Notes for Conor Grennan

  • Conor Grenna’s reaction at the moment of the the 2015 earthquake in Nepal
  • Orphanage scams in Nepal
  • Who are these child traffickers? Are they locals or foreigners?
  • Complex challenges when reuniting children with their families
  • How Conor Grennan found his first mentors in Nepal
  • Conor’s hard-to-emulate routine when preparing and practicing for a speech
  • Conor offers relationship advice for aid workers
  • How Conor wrote his best-selling book so quickly
  • Conor’s reaction to Greg Mortenson and Three Cups of Tea

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