First Game, First Victory!

Our U-10 Villa Soleada F.C. Boys Team (Villa kids and children's home kids united) played a game against another team at the cage soccer field today. We won and more importantly, we didn't have any fist fights or brawls -- a miracle!! Abelito must have scored 5 goals at least.  All the training with Coach Wilson and Coach Tono are paying off maybe...? If you would like to support our soccer program, we accept all kinds of used soccer equipment (jerseys, cleats, pinnies, cones, balls, Etc)!

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Soccer Practice Day 1 – Villa Soleada F.C.

Today was our first day at soccer practice for the U-10 boys from Villa Soleada. We have about 15 boys from the village and 6 boys from the children's home playing together. Wilson and Tono are going to be coaching them four times per week. The two are brothers and are respected fathers in the community. They both also work for our organization as professional masons. Tono has actually been moved up to become one of our site managers. The first day at soccer practice was more like the first day at MMA practice... Every time I broke up a fight, there was another fight breaking out behind me. But I think the kids had a good time. Let's hope that Wilson and Tono don't get too discouraged because the kids can get so out of control when they are excited. Josecito and Antonio at soccer practice, wearing the donated pinnies from [...]

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PHOTO: Germancito, getting mentally prepared before his debut training with San Jose F.C. Soccer Team

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PHOTO: Julio Cesar’s newest painting from his art class

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PHOTO: Villa Soleada F.C. Boys Team

We participated in a boys soccer tournament in the Centenario Village. We lost all 3 games, but the kids had a blast!

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PHOTO: Kevin is the lucky winner!

Kevin Colon from the University of Kentucky SHH Chapter won this painting by Julio Cesar in our evening raffle. Thanks Kevin for supporting Julio Cesar's dream!

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PHOTO: Our Organic Garden!

Don Ramon and the boys have been growing cucumbers and other vegetables in our budding organic garden!

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PHOTO: Sloth Found

The kids found a giant sloth in Villa Soleada today!

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1st Day of MMA Training

“I’ll f****** kill you, you son of a bitch. I will throw stones at you until you bleed to death.” That just came out of one of our 7-year-old’s mouth when he got upset at another kid who stole his animal crackers in the children’s home. He grabbed some heavy stones and started throwing them towards the other child. One of the stones smashed into our Honda Pilot’s window, and another one into the window of a parked taxi. Two smashed windows within 15 seconds. Luckily, nobody was hurt this time. Events like this are the daily occurrence at our children’s home. Most of these kids lived on the streets or in the overcrowded state orphanage where they were forced to fend for themselves. Their aggression and anger is like a virus. For years, it had a chance to build up in every corner of their tiny bodies. We’ve noticed that physical [...]

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