Social Entrepreneur Kunal Doshi Founder of Brighter Children

Kunal Doshi, Founder of Brighter Children

Social entrepreneur Kunal Doshi is the founder of Brighter Children, a non-profit organization that sponsors educational costs for students around the world who couldn’t otherwise go to school. The Brighter Children team is made up of Millennials looking to make a difference while still working full-time.

In this episode, Kunal speaks about how his team–despite their busy schedules–leverages their evenings, weekends, for-profit business skills, and network to fund schools and scholarships for children around the world.

We are very lucky to announce that the Villa Soleada Bilingual School is now being sponsored by Brighter Children. Their team will be visiting us in Honduras this year.

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Show Notes & Summary for Kunal Doshi

  • Kunal’s workout routine
  • What Kunal’s grandfather said to him on his deathbed made a great impact on Kunal’s life
  • “I want to leave the world better than I came into it.”
  • How Kunal recruited his first two friends to join Brighter Children
  • Why Kunal wanted to use the fundamentals of business for his non-profit organization
  • How they found their first partner school in India
  • How they finds and screens potential partner schools
  • What the first fundraising event for Brighter Children looked like where they raised $2,000
  • What went through Kunal’s mind when he got the very first $10 donation
  • How Kunal used LinkedIn to find new staff members for his NGO
  • “Transparency, scarcity, urgency.” -Adam Braun
  • How Kunal is brutally honest with his friends when asking them to join Brighter Children
  • How the organization’s website evolved including the words they used in each page
  • Kunal explains how the organization uses analytics to improve their website and newsletters
  • Brighter Children is looking for a full-time Executive Director. Kunal reveals the one characteristic he looks for in their job candidates.
  • 90% of Brighter Children donors are below the age of 30
  • What the first big benefit event that Brighter Children organized in New York City was like for Kunal
  • What happened during an intense argument that the team had at the airport coming back from Colombia
  • Kunal reveals the best part about his job as Chief Dreamer for his NGO
  • Why organizational culture is so important for non-profit organizations