Shin Fujiyama and Bill Morse

 Bill Morse, Founder of Landmine Relief Fund


Bill Morse is the founder of the Landmine Relief Fund (LRF). It’s an NGO that was created in 2003 to support a group of Cambodians who are dedicated to clearing landmines throughout their country. Bill works closely with former child soldier and CNN Hero, Aki Ra.


These guys have built 19 schools and de-mined 2 million and 900,000 square meters of land in Cambodia so far. They’ve educated tens of thousands of visitors about the issue in their Cambodian Landmine Museum. But With potentially 5 million more landmines still in the ground, they continue this dangerous work every day.

Show Notes for Bill Morse

  • Siam Reap, Cambodia
  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
  • Bill’s favorite Cambodia food
  • Angkor Wat Park
  • What Bill’s weekends look like
  • Bill’s life pre-Cambodia
  • What a de-mining mission looks like
  • The dark history behind the landmines
  • How Aki Ra started with sticks and pliers and no mine detector
  • Why Aki Ra was arrested and thrown into jail for clearing landmines
  • Bill’s thoughts on the role of foreigners in development aid
  • The most important thing Bill has learned from Aki Ra
  • Aki Ra’s unusual response when he was selected to become a CNN Hero
  • The inspiring story behind the first school Bill and Aki Ra built
  • Why encountering ego has been so challenging for Bill Morse
  • How Bill finds consistent, recurring funding for his NGOs
  • Bill Morse reveals his donor email strategy
  • How Bill leverages the help of interns
  • Bill’s strategy to address stress and burnout
  • The one leadership skill that Bill is currently working on