Yash Gupta

Yash Gupta, Founder of Sight Learning

CNN Hero Yash Gupta was a freshman in high school when he began collecting used eye glasses to distribute to children around the world who couldn’t afford them. Since then, his organization Sight Learning has collected more than 26,000 eye glasses, giving them out in Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, and India.

In this episode, Yash talks about the Tae Kwon Do incident that sparked it all, what it was like driving around with his mom to collect the first glasses, and his quest to grow his nonprofit organization while studying full time as a sophomore at the University of Southern California.

Show Notes for Yash Gupta

  • How a Tae Kwon Do sparring session sparked a movement
  • What young Yash realized when he went to school for a week without glasses
  • Yash Gupta’s first months collecting used glasses and the rejections he faced while starting Sight Learning
  • How Yash Gupta overcame rejection
  • What Yash felt when he was named a CNN Hero
  • What it was like for Yash getting recognized by President Barack Obama at the White House
  • Points of Light
  • How and where Yash stored the massive amount of glasses before he shipped them to the people who needed them
  • Yash’s grant writing process
  • Build a Bear Huggable Heroes
  • We Are Family Foundation
  • Why Kevin Plank, the founder of Under Armour, inspires Yash
  • Yash on setting goals
  • Where Yash finds the time to run his nonprofit organization while studying full time in college
  • What Yash does on Thanksgiving Day
  • 3 million glasses get discarded each year in the US
  • “Don’t say I’m going to do it tomorrow. Go out there today.”