Shin and Jackson Kaguri

Twesigye Jackson Kaguri, Founder of Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project

Twesigye Jackson Kaguri is a CNN Hero and the founder of the Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project in Uganda. He is the author of A School For My Village: A Promise to the Orphans of Nyaka.

Jackson Kaguri grew up without running water, electricity, or a hospital in his village in rural Uganda. He had to grow his own food and sleep on beds made out of banana leaves. Up against all odds, he earned the opportunity to study at Columbia University.  He returned to his home village years later and was overwhelmed by the plight of AIDS orphans. It was then that Jackson dreamt of the vision to build a school for AIDS orphans in his village in Uganda.

Show Notes for Jackson Kaguri

  • Jackson Kaguri gets an honorary PhD from Shenandoah University over the weekend
  • What it was like sharing 1 pencil with 5 siblings
  • What Jackson’s family life is like in Michigan
  • What Kampala is like
  • Life in rural Uganda
  • Why Jackson needed cow intestines to play soccer
  • Why Jackson gardens at his home, growing beans and cabbages
  • Jackson’s challenges with his family and parents
  • Indiana University Fundraising School
  • How Jackson Kaguri thanks his supporters
  • Why Jackson focuses on gift giving
  • What Jackson does for his donors on Valentine’s Day
  • What Jackson does for his donors for Mother’s Day
  • Why Jackson gives 220 speeches per year
  • Where Jackson developed his craft for public speaking
  • Jackson’s pre-speech routine
  • Jackson’s take on Jeffrey Sach’s Millennium Villages Project
  • Jackson’s take on Oprah’s nonprofit work in South Africa
  • How Jackson responds to criticism

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