How To Do A Visa Renewal Trip to Guatemala: A Step-by-Step Guide

  I always try to get to San Pedro Sula by 6 or 7am so that I can get to my final destination before nightfall. From anywhere in San Pedro Sula, take a taxi to get to the bus station with the buses that go to Puerto Cortes. After an hour or two, you'll be arriving in the port city of Puerto Cortes -- this bus ride should cost you around $2. From here, ask for the bus station in town with the buses that go to the "frontera". It's a few blocks away from the center of the city so you can walk there or take a taxi. After another hour or two, you should be arriving at the Honduras-Guatemala border -- this bus ride should cost you around $2. At the border, you'll go through a police checkpoint where you'll need to present your passport. The police officers there carry [...]

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How Volunteers Are Offsetting Their Carbon Footprint

Volunteers - like Zach from Wake Forest University above - can purchase a small tree for a few dollars and plant them in one of the villages we work with. This allows us to offset a significant amount of the carbon footprint we produce by traveling to Honduras. This week, we planted papaya trees, banana trees, coconut trees, orange trees, lemon trees, avocado trees, and a few others (I can't remember what else, we planted so many).

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PHOTO: Sloth Found

The kids found a giant sloth in Villa Soleada today!

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